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Salam bloggers,
Happy Ramadan to all :D

So, here we r go again~The holy month of Ramadan.
Yes. Yes. We r now in Ramadan Zone. woohoohoo!! Alhamdulillah. All muslim loves Ramadan. Kan? Kan?

- the month of fasting,
- the month of mercy, peace, and forgiveness.
- an excellent chance at renewing your faith as a true Muslim.

Hmm..Tapi Xboleh makan or minum~From dawn to sunset, every day of the month of Ramadan.~huh! So,knape perlu ‘happy’ sgt nih?!

Ahha.nak taw?mari bace lagi.no skip2.
So, what Ramadan and fasting are all about?

puasa secara luarannya mmg la susah,kita akan diuji dari segi…
1. Self-discipline
2. Self-control
3. Self-restraint
4. Self-education
5. Self-evaluation
6. dan byk byk byk lagi..

and yup! Fasting teaches you many things. Ok kite tgk ,,kite boleh jer makan di bulan puasa klu kita xnak puasa,tapi kita tahan jugak.we didnt eat even we can rite?(we r obeying what in Al-Quran say). more,.. You can drink, but you learn not to drink, tahan dan tahan lagi..this is what we call self-control .
so perasan tak , that you can tell yourself that you are a proactive person. Not a reactive one. A Muslim is not an effective Muslim if he does not have a control over his own actions.
N a reactive person? Dia ni adalah seorangg yang xleh control diri.
yes.we are not perfect,but we can better n better.so,God gives us Ramadan to train ourselves .As a result, we can be a GOOD HUMAN BEING. J
Percayalah,Ramadan helps you become a better Muslim n human being.percayaaalaahhh!! Seriously,It's not easy! (ouch!! I said it again~huhu~sorry)ye lah..You’ll feel hungry, thirsty, sleepy and so on.
But… these are the ‘seeds’ you plant in the Garden of Ramadan. You will ‘harvest’ the beautiful tasty fruits of Jannah.
Selamat beramal :)
Hopefully,we will b a BETTER MUSLIM yea.

“Ramadan is coming, Increase your Iman.

Ramadan is coming, Recite the Qur'an.
Taking "Sahur" in the dead of the Night;
No eating no drinking during the daylight.
Refrain from bad deeds and repent your soul;The pleasure of Allah is our only goal.”


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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