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~Aluan Kami~

Hari Interaksi PEMARAK yg EnJoy~
Posted by Persatuan Mahasiswa Perak Universiti Malaya (PEMARAK)

We arE One BIG FamiLy~

Salam bloggers,
maaf ye kerana lambat update pasal Hari Interaksi.
as the orginizer,we are feel better ~ better after the whole program had settled in time and it went smoothly.
more than we expected.
plus ,the best team work so far from scratch to something we thought impossible but turn out great and we could say, We proud of you all.

even the whole program was hilarious right from the start.ngee~ :D
time tunggu peserta datang,kiteorang akan 'alert' sgt dgn warna kuning.ahha.
nampak org berbaju kuning je,kejar.nmpk kuning je kejar..ahha. letih jugak la nk kumpul org.
the lesson here: next time kena inform tempat lebih specific rite? well,sowiee yeahh..

Neway,here got some pixies wanna share wif u guys :)

Yup!! wanna share our Happy moments :)Enjoy!

SeSi BerSamA PenaSIhat PemAraK

~Mr. Press wif our lovely adviser En. Syed~

Terima Kasih En.Syed!

SEsI bersaMa Ahli-Ahli PeMaRak

~Kuning , Putih ,Hitam ~ We proud to be Pemarak UM ~

~Yeahh!! sukaneka pun bermula~ Seelan ; "ikat jgn xikat"

~Kami Bersatu eyh?jalan kena same2 taw. hehe. Frm left : Hijjaz,Mr.Press and wan~

~macam-macam teknik . they used their critical thinking eyh?!!~ GoOd2!!

~ "Born to be creative" ~ ;p

~"Long journey start from the first step"~

~which group got the longest 'journey' ?~ ade x yg sampai library?~ ahha.

~our treasurer~

pheww...whuttaday!~time ni lah kite leh berpeluk-pelukan.ahhaha~ make sure it in halal way kay :P

~KaMi !!~

Alhamdulillah3x!!everything was smoothly b done.Thank you to our PeNGarah for this Interaction Day,MR. VIJAYA SEELAN and all AJK. we'll never forget these experience and learned a lot about friends that we could work with and ;

trully grateful to Allah that had granted us the good team work .

To all,Congrats team-mates ! and keep up The GOOD and BRILLIANT WORK yea~

allright,see you guys in the next events.yeah, more to come! InsyaAllah.

~PEMARAK signing off~


Monday, August 18, 2008

at 6:08 PM