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Posted by Persatuan Mahasiswa Perak Universiti Malaya (PEMARAK)

society and leaderships?

The thing that connected us in this PEMARAK society is ‘ukhuwwah’.
We have the potential leaders yea, to lead this batch and the upcoming PERAKian-UM generation.

1.What is the key to the success in leadership and also in society management?
2. “What preparation should I do if I was chosen to lead one of the biggest societies in this university?

The first tips is (^^,)v

A hadith by Imam Bukhari & Muslim in Hadith 40, Allah SWT has said that everything we do must start with ‘niat’ or our intention.
A society or organization will stand strong as long as the mission is clear and sturdy. As long as the future leaders understand the mission and stand strong with it.PEMARAK will be good . InsyaAllah.

Therefore, set your own mission and vision right now, whether short term or long term, paste it on the wall and work it out. Pray for it and may Allah SWT grant it.

So,to all new leaders in PEMARAK. GAMBATTE neh! All the Best! You guys can do it. next week new students will get in. Do you prepare anything for our juniors? Perak juniors?

Well,till then. Sorry for everything and thank you for everything (^^,) salam.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

at 9:44 AM