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~Aluan Kami~

Alhamdulillah~Xclusive IFTAR DONE!!~
Posted by Persatuan Mahasiswa Perak Universiti Malaya (PEMARAK)

NOte frm PIC prog:

"i'll never forget these experience and learned a lot about friends that we
could work with and i am trully grateful to Allah that had granted us the best
team work that we could survived from 1st meeting till our break fasting.

yeah, more to come!Kem Insan Cemerlang?(21-24/11/08) insyaAllah~

congrats team-mates!!

no pics for now. waiting for
the photographer to upload them."InsyaAllah :)

Thanks to all~Tq!

with regards,Wan Izreen~


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

at 5:13 AM